Our Methodology

Metacognition is the ability to critically analyze the way you think, or, more simply, self-awareness and control over your thoughts. This can best be described as developing appropriate and useful thinking strategies at each step of the task.

Diagnosis of the psychotype of the user.
At this stage, the initial data about the user is collected on the basis of validated tests and questionnaires created on the basis of widely used and author's psychological methods.

Building an integral personality profile.
We provide the user with a kind of meeting with their true self:
•Multivariate analysis of the psychological portrait of a person.
•Applied metacognitive strategies and their effectiveness.
•Individual rhythms of emotional, intellectual and somatic activity.
•Binding and psychological fixation.
•Interpretation of the received data

Customized change program.
At this stage, the user acquires the skills to recognize and adjust emotional and cognitive strategies based on the acquired knowledge and tools:
•Awareness of one's metacognitive and psychological characteristics and the need for change.
•User ranking of tasks.
•Software generation of the protocol of activities with reference to individual biorhythms.

Control and motivation
This stage is designed to control the progress of positive changes by the user and increase involvement in the process with the help of gamification elements.

Application of valid and author's
methods at each stage:
Metacognitive correction is associated with a significant reduction in depressive symptoms and the results achieved are maintained over the next 6-12 months.

Metacognitive Correction (MCC)
versus Cognitive behavior correction (CBC)
in Adults with Major Depression

Metacognitive correction (MCC) continues to gain momentum as a treatment for psychological complaints.
Metacognitive correction differs from CBT in that it targets specific psychological processes involved in thought control, which allows patients to free themselves from rumination and worry; cognitive processes play a central role in depression
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