Meeting your true self and what to do about it
"Everyone have three faces, the first face you show to the world, the second you show to your close friends and your family, the third face, you never show anyone, it is the true reflection of who you are"
Japanese wisdom

Find out your psychotype, taking into account its neurodynamic features, psychosexual and social development, fixation on automatic patterns of overcoming traumatic experience.

Building a description of the current
self-management model (qualitative
analysis of the user profile)
Building an integral personality profile

Based on the resulting profile, the following is formed:
  • Program interface suitable for the psychotype and action algorithm
  • Specification of development tasks
  • The program defines a protocol of your activities to achieve goals
  • Linking the activity protocol to the identified individual biorhythms.

As a global result of metacognitive development as a result of the systematic use of the application, the user gets rid of the chaotic attempts to change and acquire a kind of new internal metaprocessor (control of thinking and emotional state) for systemic self-management.

Customized Program

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